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About Our Air Conditioning Repair Service in Tampa, FL

A Stepping Stone, Inc started as what most would call a “Mom & Pop” business in Plant City, Fl. Since its conception in 1990, A Stepping Stone has grown to be one of the largest & most trusted HVAC companies throughout central Florida. A Stepping Stone was founded by a husband & wife team, Sam & Denise Stone. After years of demanding work, Sam began to train his 3 sons to take over the family business. However, that day came sooner than expected when Sam passed away in 2009. These days, 2 of the 3 boys are running the company alongside those that were trained by Sam directly. Matt & Marcus are continuing to grow in their parent’s dream. Our work spans throughout central Florida and ranges from residential homes, to commercial the size of Lazy Days, Dart Containers, the VA Eye Clinic & MacDill Air Force Base. Our new construction department boasts in long standing relationships due to treating people fair and with respect. These relationships in new construction have lasted well over 15 years and continue to grow with the largest builders in Florida. Our goal, our destination, is something that our Dad set forth years ago. “I want my grandkids to service your grandkids A/C.”